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How do I cut Smartboard?
Smartboard can be scored and snapped using a regular utility knife on the ‘rough’ side. However, in some applications where sharp details are required, you may consider cutting the panel with a concrete cutting blade affixed to a power saw.

Can I use nails?
Although nails can be used, Smartboard does not recommend this application since screws offer better pull resistance in wall systems.

Does Smartboard need tape?
Yes. The Smartboard panel is manufactured with four side tapered edges to facilitate jointing operations and base materials savings. The procedure is exactly the same as applying tape to drywall, except the materials are different. That is, the joint compound is polymerized cement based and the tape is an alkali resistant fiberglass mesh. Please consult our web site for tape and base coat specifications.

What are the steps to cover Smartboard with stucco?
Once the wall panels are jointed, use the same SmartBase compound and trowel apply to entire surface of wall area in a uniform manner, let dry in accordance with specifications. Once set and depending on colour selected, a primer may be required and can be applied by roller or spray. Once primer is completed, apply selected coating with trowel in a uniform manner.

Can Smartboard be used as a tile backer board for washrooms and flooring?
Smartboard is designed for exterior applications and can be easily used for interior applications, especially in humid and wet areas.

Can Smartboard be used on block walls?
In cases where an exterior wall requires upgrade or re-finishing, Smartboard can be applied to masonry walls with the used of supporting furring system. A standard G90 galvanized ‘hat’ or ‘omega’ metal furring can be vertically attached utilizing acceptable fasteners affixed to the mortar joints of the masonry wall. The Smartboard panel is then fastened to the furring in accordance with specifications.

Can I paint Smartboard?
Yes, Smartboard can be painted. In cases where light colors are required, an application of primer is recommended.

Can I use stone and brick veneers as finishes?
Yes. Brick and stone veneers can be adhered to Smartboard utilizing specified adhesives.

Can I use Smartboard as a roofing material?
Smartboard can be used as a backer board for most roofing membranes, ie; torch applied, self adhering, roller applied, spray applied and even hot mopped built up roof systems.

Can Smartboard be used as a heat shield around wood stoves?
Smartboard is non-combustible and zero fuel source which makes it very suitable for these applications.

I have a cottage but because of the landscape, I had to build it on block stilts. Can I use Smartboard as skirting on my cottage?
Yes. Once you have installed the stud work and created necessary grade plane, Smartboard can be applied easily and quickly. The finishes can suit or match your existing colours.

What is a ‘rain screen’ and why should I consider this for my house?
In simple terms, it is the first barrier of wall protection from driving rain. There have been many articles as a result of many studies completed by many construction organizations and research groups. Rain screen has been referred to as ‘drained cavity’ as well as other terms in order to properly identify the function in the name. In short, in all construction wall assemblies, rain screen, cavity drained and pressure equalized systems have been tested and proven to be the technique and procedure that functions in all climatic conditions. Wall materials for assemblies should be chosen carefully with consultation with a knowledgeable architect. When Smartboard is used as a backer board for exterior finishes, with a cavity before the insulation, it is the optimum product for rain screen application.

Why is Smartboard superior to gypsum products in wet areas?
Cement is traditionally much more water resistant than most gypsum products. Cement based compounds will not decompose in wet areas.

Does Smartboard board require expansion joints?
Expansion joints are generally always required in large flat surface areas in order to allow movement of materials due to inherited coefficients of thermal conductivity. Expansion joints are also required when dissimilar materials meet and at junctions of floor/roof assemblies.

What would happen to Smartboard in an unprotected exterior application?
Smatboard has been extensively tested for 250 freeze thaw cycles and has shown no deterioration. This is equivalent to 50 years of exposure in Canada.

Is Smartboard termite resistant?
Smartboard contains no food source for termites and other parasitical bio-organisms.

Can I use Smartboard on my tool shed?
Smartboard can be used in any exterior application. Smartboard can be also used for outdoor kitchen construction such as pizza ovens, fireplaces and barbecues.

For further detailed information on any of the above subject matter, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email and a specialist will be glad to help you.

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