Smartboard Building Products Inc.

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License a Smartboard™ Manufacturing Plant

To inquire further about becoming a Smartboard licensee, please fill out and submit the questionnaire below. This will assist us in providing you with information specific to your requirements. A licensing representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Country applying for license

Countries considering exporting to

Proposed location of plant (closest city)

Amount of Cement Board desired to manufacture per annum
Less than 5Msq.ft. 5M to 10M sq.ft. 10M to 15M sp. ft. Over 15M sq. ft.

Please check the following items that are readily available in your area
Cement Bulk (tanker) Bagged Sand Natural Gas Potable water
Power (600V 60Hertz) or Specify available power:

My business is best described as:





Phone Number


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